Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find answers to many of the questions we get
asked about the submission process

Where do I go to find the main website with more information about the competition and judges?

You can visit our main website which includes lots of extra information about terms and conditions, submissions process, rules and judges, etc. by clicking on this link.

Can I change my photos before the final submission date?

You can change your images at any point until the final deadline, at which point the system will be locked and any images in place at that time will considered your submission.

How do I "Submit" my final image selection?

There is no need to do this. Simply use the update button and we will receive your final choices.

My payment hasn’t worked, why?

We accept payments through Stripe. This is a globally used and trusted payment platform. The only payment issues we have had so far are with cards being declined. This is unfortunately not something we can assist with and suggest trying a different card or contacting your card issuer.

Why are the prices in dollars? Can I pay in X currency?

While payments are in dollars there is an automatic conversion from whatever currency you choose to pay in. You can check Stripe’s conversion rates before you pay.

Why isn’t there a category for trees and forest?

We would love to see your woodland images! Hopefully you can find a place for them in either the Intimate Landscape category or in the Grand Scenic category. The difference is explained below with reference to woodland photography.

Should I submit this image to Intimate Landscape or Grand Scenic?

Firstly, it’s worth saying that if you mis-categorize an image and it scores well then we will make sure it ends up in the right category, so don’t worry unduly! In general, by intimate we mean smaller views, portraits of rock features, tighter scenes that do not show the wider landscape etc. To use trees as an example, a portrait of a tree in a forest would be intimate. A shot of the interior of a woodland would be intimate. A shot of a woodland within a wider mountainous landscape would be a grand scenic. A portrait of a tree on a hill with a sunset would be a grand scenic. A shot of a large clearing with a river running through it inside a woodland might fit into either category. Do your best to choose based on these kinds of concepts, but do not fret too much about getting it wrong, we will fix it if you do!

With respect to cloning what is and isn’t allowed? I know you say you can clone things that are small or transient, but what about contrails?

This is a tricky one! In this specific case contrails are of course transient but if they form a major part of the image the judges may still feel that the edit goes too far. When it comes to cloning, less is more.

Are infrared images permitted?

Yes we would love to see infrared entries.

Are man-made structures allowed? What about close ups of man-made structures reclaimed by nature e.g. a rusty iron roof, a weathered wooden door?

Images predominantly of man-made structures are not permitted and similarly closeups of the above examples would not be allowed; however, we are very keen to see images that incorporate the hand of man and totally expect to see images of fields, small buildings within the landscape etc.

Is it possible to register for the Project category only?


My images aren’t uploading, can you help?

Many people have uploaded without any issues. You may have a slow connection or our server might be busy (if many people happen to be uploading at the same time). Usually waiting will solve the problem! If not, feel free to get in touch! (

Does the filename matter?

No. All files will be automatically renamed before judging begins to anonymise them. So you can call them anything you want!

Can I add titles to my images?

No. We may request captions for winning images, but we do not want titles to influence judging so they are not required. Besides, they will be automatically renamed for anonymity.

Projects can have 6-10 images. Will there be an advantage if I submit 10 as opposed to 6?

As long as the aims of the project are communicated clearly there is no advantage to more or fewer images. In some cases, it may be better to submit fewer if you only have 6 strong images and the rest are filler!

Are there limits to how many images can be submitted to an individual category?

The maximum number of individual entries you can buy is 18. You can submit all of these to a single category or spread them across multiple categories.

I’ve already paid but now I want to buy more entries. How can I do that?

You should find an upgrade option on the entry website.

Can images already posted to social media/websites be submitted?


Are images taken on photography workshops allowed?

Yes, but they must be wholly your own work without direction. I.e a workshop leader takes you to a location but you and you alone compose, capture and edit the image. Any overall winners will be asked to confirm this. If an image was taken on a workshop the leader of that workshop might be asked about their involvement in the creation of that image.

I don’t have RAW files, is there some alternate proof?

Anyone making the final selection or winning an overall prize will have to provide proof of the authenticity of their images. If you only shoot jpeg or tiff then we may accept multiple original files from the same shoot or phone photos taken at the same time (unfortunately jpegs are fakeable so we need additional proof).

Can I use film and what sort of proof of authenticity is needed?

We would love to see your film images and a scan is perfect for our requirements. If you shoot on film then a short video clip of the original slide/negative on a lightbox will be fine.